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COLORMIX 2011/ SELF-EXPRESSION SPINS T COLOR WHEEL W H E COLORMIX 2011 Trendy is a state of mind in Sherwin-Williams’, Industry Partner of ASID, 2011 color forecast - Jackie Jordan, Director, Color Marketing SHERWIN-WILLIAMS, INDUSTRY PARTNER OF ASID, celebrates individualism—a trend toward not being trendy at all—through its thoughtfully-selected colormix 2011 collection. Whether it’s a love of antique maps, a fascination with 3-D animation or a collection of batik-patterned dresses, design professionals can help their clients embrace their passions and use them to navigate a project’s decorating direction. The reactions to the economy have moved from panic to acceptance, if not appreciation, because people are finding they have the opportunity to be true to themselves. Status is no longer about consumption, it is about personal identity and colormix 2011 evokes that sense of uniqueness. The 39 colors selected by Sherwin-Williams color experts for colormix 2011 are grouped into four palettes: Purely Refined, Bold Invention, Restless Nomad and Gentle Medley. PURELY REFINED Like an impeccably tailored suit, the Purely Refined palette is an elegant take on timeless hues in which every perceived imperfection serves a purpose. Pared down blues, lilacs, greens and grays interweave with understated neutrals to give this palette life. Luxury means more than the glitter and glitz that has saturated American culture for so long. This palette whispers upscale in an effortless manner and looks chic when paired with layers of chunky organic textiles and subtle details. BOLD INVENTION The Bold Invention palette encourages taking a chance with the colors of the streets by looking to anything from graffiti art to 3-D animation for inspiration. Vivid greens and a range of intense turquoises and blues dominate the palette, while a pop of hot red and unexpected neutrals balance it out. Bright as the neon signs that light up city nightlife, this palette’s high-energy colors beckon an invitation into interior designs. Inspired by the creativity that comes from living on the edge, Latin American colors pop into this palette, prompted by the carnivale spirit of Rio de Janeiro, host of the 2016 Summer Olympics. RESTLESS NOMAD Immersing itself in the cultures of the world is Restless Nomad, a palette that lets the wanderer bring an appetite for adventure into a space. A palette that snubs no one, colors wander from dusky darks, to hot vibrant pinks and reds to earthy food-influenced hues that evoke eggplant and cabbage. While inspired by all parts of the world, influences from Morocco and Turkey anchor this gypsy of a palette. Because digital influence breaks down borders, ethnic patterns, patchwork and tapestries now reach across the world and enter into home designs. GENTLE MEDLEY An eclectic mix of maps, vintage florals and butterfly, dragonfly and leaf motifs drives the Gentle Medley palette into a time of modern innocence. Earthy neutral tans combined with freshwater blue, mint green, copper and chartreuse pastels give a space an airy, yet grounded quality. These colors are accented with safari greens and browns for depth. Hard times call for soft colors. People are romantic about the simpler times of youth and its refreshing honesty. Because of it, there is a tendency towards hues that the american society of interior designers student magazine 12 ACCESS fall | winter 2010 I T H

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Access - Fall/Winter 2010
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Access - Fall/Winter 2010