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Partner Profiles
Bernhardt Hospitality is about to launch a new line with Stacy Garcia. Designers can get a preview of the
collection at HD Expo, and the official launch will take place at BDNY. "2013 was a great year for Bernhardt
Hospitality," says Bill Cotter, the company's national sales manager. "We continued our trend of year-overyear growth and made particular progress in the area of unique custom production for upscale projects. We
installed several notable projects over the past several months and have others currently in production. Bernhardt Hospitality is especially well suited
to execute unique designs, both casegoods and upholstered seating, for the upscale property." Cotter points to the fact that they have a great team of
professionals representing Bernhardt across the country.
The biggest challenge, he says: financing for projects. He also points to the fact that a few high-profile names in the manufacturing sector have left
the industry. "This creates uncertainty," he says, "but it is also a great opportunity for Bernhardt Hospitality, a very stable 125-year-old company." He
adds the company is "off to a great start in 2014 and every indication is the opportunities will remain brisk. Bernhardt Hospitality will certainly continue
our growth trend this year and I think for several years to come."
Networking is also essential for success. "I continue to believe the most important thing for our industry is to bring in new, young people. NEWH's
support for education and development of hospitality designers is very important. It is also an excellent forum for ideas and design, product
development, people development, etc. It is an honor to be a part of NEWH."

There are a lot of new things happening at Crypton. Billiard Cloth, distributed by Designtex, upholstery that
can be used on panel and wall installations and printed on. After three years of research, C Zero, which
offers protection from water-based stains without the use of fluorine, will make its debut at NeoCon in the
Momentum showroom.
Says Crypton's president Randy Rubin, "2014 is looking very strong for Crypton. With newly acquired Nanotex, Crypton can now offer multiple levels
of protection to your favorite textile." One challenge that she points out is tending to the "low up and down" with inventory. "The challenge to us is to
maintain inventory position so that there isn't a long wait for Crypton inventory."
One way to solve that is by constantly meeting clients through NEWH. "Crypton is a technology and branding company that sells through
distributors," says Rubin. "NEWH brings us a ready-made forum to speak directly with designers and educate them on our various products. We love
the intimacy of the tradeshows and local meetings and the ability to network within the organization has been phenomenal."

Fabricut Contract reintroduced its newly edited collection from S. Harris that features a fresh color palette
highlighting transition metallic textures, inventive geometrics, and global inspired designs. "A collection
luxury hotels and designers will be inspired by," says Matt DeShantz, vice president, Fabricut Contract,
adding, "2013 was a terrific year for Fabricut Contract but, we're more excited about the reception we've
received the first quarter of 2014. Our fabric offerings this year will effectively address every price category with beautiful sophisticated designs and
colors that reflect the industry trends we've qualified."
Besides continuing to expand its sustainable offerings (and Fabricut is joining MindClick this year), the company is also introducing its newest
collection of stain treated and back upholsteries called Value Studio, featuring a vibrant palette of contemporary color combinations, sophisticated
neutrals, and classic jewel tones. "This stylish, colorful, and high durability upholstery collection, with aggressive volume pricing of $15 per yard or less,
is our quest to provide customers top quality products at budget friendly prices," says DeShantz.
As for trends: "From our more daring and innovative designer firms we see the reintroduction of pattern and colors that haven't been prominent in
more than a decade.  Richly colored fabrics are now on clean lined furniture that suggests sophisticated whimsy."  
Scholarship is still a key factor for Fabricut. "NEWH continues to be a vital component in the education of our industry youth. As a corporate sponsor
we're proud to support their mission. Each year we look forward to the events we participate in and proudly present our FR-One scholarship to a
deserving student of design."

ISG recently launched RSG, which is its renovation service group, to "help our current clients with the lighter renovation/
maintenance solutions," says ISG's president, Tom Murray. For the past two years, ISG has also handled all the logistics-"an
overwhelming undertaking"-for the HI Connect Design show in Nashville.
ISG manages more than 15,000 tons of product annually and the company spreads the word about SmartWay Logistics
Partnership, recommended fuel-saving strategies, to "help their carriers make smart choices for their businesses and the
environment," says Murray.
The biggest challenge though today, adds Murray, is "competing with some of the 'low cost' competitors that can offer a better initial quote, but then
fall short with experience, caliber of labor, and capabilities. In addition, we have found owners and clients exposed to risk because they fall way short
on insurance coverage not only for product liability but especially workman's comp insurance for their workers." His solution: spending time trying to
educate the customer.
This year looks positive for 2014: "inquiries and RFPs are way up this year," Murray says. "We look forward to increasing our sales, market, and
broadening our qualifications." And that success includes continued support of NEWH. "[NEWH brings] knowledge and introductions to many facets
of the industry as well as a cohesive team of support and scholarship. The support, camaraderie, and networking opportunities have been second to
none and we actually enjoy the group of people. We look forward to more opportunities, tradeshows-it's fun and best of all productive."


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