NFPA Journal - March/April 2012 - (Page Cover1)

FIRE-SAFE CIGARETTE ISSUE REIGNITES SAFE PRACTICES IN CONFINED SPACES CERTIFICATIONS FOR NFPA 70E March/April 2012 + deTecTion in highchAllenge WArehouses A conVersATion WiTh u.s. Fire AdMinisTrATor ernesT MiTchell, Jr. A lAs VegAs conFerence And eXPo PreVieW hAzArdAnAlysis What we’re learning about lithium-ion batteries and fire safety The AuThoriTy on Fire, elecTricAl & Building sAFeTy

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of NFPA Journal - March/April 2012

NFPA Journal - March/april 2012
First Word
Mail Call
In a Flash
Heads Up
Structural Ops
In Compliance
Electrical Safety
Wildfire Watch
Elemental Questions
Dangerous by Design
A Harder Look at Detection
Conference + Expo Preview
Membership: The Sections
What’s Hot
Looking Back

NFPA Journal - March/April 2012