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— . CODES IN REVIEW . — NFPA 72 C E 2012 Giant Steps Two key fire service standards feature important changes aimed at occupational safety and medical issues for firefighters by KENDALL HOLLAND NFPA 1500, and Health s THE NEW EDITIONS ofComprehensiveFire Department Occupational SafetyFire DeProgram, and NFPA 1582, Occupational Medical Program for partments, include changes that represent significant steps forward for firefighter health and wellness. Many of those changes have been driven by user needs and by advancements in technology, including improvements made to personal protective equipment that allow for enhanced protection, the inclusion of vehicle data recorders in fire department apparatus, improvements made to breathing apparatus, the improved quality to prosthetics to allow for greater exposures to high levels of heat, improved technology to monitor and treat diabetes and cardiac conditions, and more. Both documents will likely face certified amending motions at the Association Technical Meeting; considering the scope of some of the documents’ proposed changes, this comes as no surprise, and is a natural part of the evolution of the standards. For more on NFPA and disabilities, including discussions related to the fire service and NFPA 1582, see our July/August, 2010 cover story on disabilities at fire_service_ disabilities. ONLINE 64 NFPA JOURNAL MAY/JUNE 2012 ILLUSTRATION: ROB DUNLAVEY

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Nfpa Journal - May/june 2012
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NFPA Journal - May/June 2012