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>> PersPectives VIEWPOINTS ON FIRE + LIFE SAFETY Lawyer, firefighter, Leader Philip Stittleburg, the new chair of NfPa’s Board of directors, at the fire department in Lafarge, wisconsin. nfpa leadership Combining Passions Philip Stittleburg, the new chair of NFPA’s Board of Directors, on the organization’s goals, his plans to advocate for the nation’s volunteer fire service, and more Philip Stittleburg’s small-town persona is apparent almost as soon as you start talking to him—his tone is friendly, his laughs are hearty, and he appreciates the importance of a meaningful “thank you.” But there’s also an edge to him, one honed by 36 years spent prosecuting criminal offenders as assistant district attorney in Vernon County, Wisconsin. Stittleburg retired from that position in 2010 and now runs a private law practice in LaFarge, Wisconsin. He also serves as chief of the LaFarge Fire Department, which protects 3,000 residents scattered across 135 square miles of southwestern Wisconsin. He’s been with the volunteer department for four decades, having served as chief for much of that time. Making the tough decisions, whether in the courtroom or at the scene of a fire, seems to be a personality trait Stittleburg, 64, can’t shake. The intensity of both jobs helped prep him for his role as the newly elected chair of NFPA’s Board of Directors. Having served on the board since 1998 (minus a two-year hiatus), Stittleburg says he is ready to lead that body in its 18 NFPA JOURNAL SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 Photograph: Peter Thomson

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NFPA Journal - September/October 2012
First Word
Mail Call
In a Flash
Heads Up
Structural Ops
In Compliance
Electrical Safety
Wildfire Watch
Lessons of Comayagua
After Waldo Canyon
Catastrophic Multiple-Death Fires in 2011
Fire Loss in the United States in 2011
Section Spotlight
Research + Analysis
What’s Hot
Looking Back

NFPA Journal - September/October 2012