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>> PersPectives VIEWPOINTS ON FIRE + LIFE SAFETY new uses for sprinklers scott somers, vice-mayor of Mesa, Arizona, in a downtown commercial space under renovation that will soon be retrofitted with sprinklers. Mesa is using federal funds to install sprinklers in homes and businesses, efforts somers hopes will help spur economic development throughout the city. RESIDENTIAL + COMMERCIAL SPRINKLERS The Mesa Model In my nearly two decades of fire service experience in Phoenix, Arizona, I have witnessed firsthand how fire sprinklers are guardians of life and property. As vice-mayor of the neighboring community of Mesa, I have also found that sprinklers can be a strategic tool to spur job growth and economic opportunity. The City of Mesa recognizes the mutual benefit sprinklers can have for businesses, residents, and the city, but many in the community do not. Arizona politics has mostly been adverse to fire sprinkler mandates. A residential sprinkler How an Arizona community is using federal money for sprinkler projects designed to stabilize troubled neighborhoods and stimulate economic growth. BY SCOTT SOMERS ordinance was adopted by Mesa’s city council in 1999 but was overturned by voters the following year in a referendum funded by homebuilders. State law enacted in 2011 now prohibits cities from requiring home fire sprinklers. Business owners have been reluctant to retrofit their properties due to cost concerns, even though sprinklers offer opportunities for growth by providing greater occupancy capacities for their buildings. In this environment, the City of Mesa has taken an innovative approach to sprinkler advocacy. Mesa has used 14 NFPA JOURNAL NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 Photograph: Mark Henle

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NFPA Journal - November/December 2012
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NFPA Journal - November/December 2012