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Large-Loss Fires in the United States in 2011 The $400 million Bastrop County Complex wildfire in Texas tops the list of last year’s costliest fires in terms of property lost By Stephen G. BadGer REPORT SUMMARY The summer of 2011 was The hoTTesT summer on record in Texas, which was in the midst of a year-long drought. It was also the state’s driest summer since 1895. During the Texas fire season, which lasted from November 15, 2010, to october 31, 2011, the state experienced more than 30,000 wildfires that burned almost 4 million acres (1.6 hectares), more than in any previous year, and destroyed 2,966 homes, 1,639 of them in a single day. The fires also destroyed 2,411 other structures. from January 1 to october 31, alone, Texas firefighters fought more than 14,000 of these wildfires, which burned almost 3.4 million acres (1.4 hectares). 60 NFPA JOURNAL NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012

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NFPA Journal - November/December 2012
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NFPA Journal - November/December 2012