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>> the sections NEWS FROM THE NFPA SECTIONS SPOTLIGHT On HEALTH CARE SECTIOn Can you give an example of an event government will adopt the 2012 edition. recently in the news, or of an ongoing As a section, we are trying to facilitate trend, or upcoming issue that provides a and encourage this adoption, but it takes real-world connection to your section’s the federal government quite a while to code concerns? adopt any new code. Many times over the years, our section We also use many other codes on a has successfully gotten the industry to regular basis, including NFPA 101A, Guide adopt standards that will improve the on Alternative Approaches to Life Safety; industry or to defeat proposals that would NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code; NFPA cost our industry millions of dollars if they 72, National Fire Alarm Signaling Code; became code. We take this responsibility NFPA 25, Inspection Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems; NFPA The recent Hurricane Sandy 13, Installation of Sprinkler Systems; and NFPA 110, highlighted the need for health Emergency and Standby care facilities to install and Power Systems. What are the key code supplies in accordance with issues going on in your NFPA 99, NFPA 110, and NFPA section right now? The federal government 70, National Electrical Code®. has mandated that all nursing homes that want very seriously, and we are always watchto continue to qualify for Medicare/ ful of these situations. Medicaid reimbursement be fully fire In particular, the recent Hurricane sprinkled as required by the 1999 edition Sandy highlighted the need for health of NFPA 13 by August 2013. Those that don’t install sprinklers may face monetary care facilities to install and maintain emergency power supplies in accordance penalties, at the discretion of the federal with NFPA 99, NFPA 110, and NFPA 70, government. This is obviously very imNational Electrical Code®. portant, and everyone is working on this mandate. What events and activities has your section recently completed, and what’s What key code issues do you anticipate coming up? for your section in the near future? Continuing education is always on the The Health Care Section has its own list as a required activity. The continuing Codes and Standards Committee that education courses we have scheduled for meets several times a year to review all of the codes that will be voted on at the next the NFPA Conference & Expo in June will be timely and relevant. Technical Meeting of the NFPA ConferDavid Hood of Russell Phillips & Asence & Expo and recommends action on sociates, our Education Committee chair, any the committee feels will affect our submitted eight seminars proposals to industry. This review is always part of our NFPA for consideration for inclusion in the June section meeting. Phil Thomas, AIA Phil Thomas, AIA, is construction project manager for Golden Living, an owner and operator of long-term care nursing homes and assisted living facilities with their main office in Plano, Texas, and an administrative office in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He is also chair of the Health Care Section, chair of the AHCA Life Safety Committee, and a member of the Facilities Guideline Institute. He has been active in the field of fire protection in nursing homes for 35 years. maintain emergency power What fields, industries, or occupations do Health Care Section members come from? We are a diverse group with a large representation from the American Healthcare Association and the American Hospital Association. Because we have numerous members from both the hospital and nursing home industries, we try to balance the numbers on the executive board from each group. These groups have similar goal, but some specific items may pertain to one group and not the other. What codes and industries are important to your section? Hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities must work with, and adhere to, a large number of codes. One of the most used is NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code®. Currently, all health care properties are inspected under the 2000 edition of this code, and we hope that the federal 68 NFPA JOURNAL JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013

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NFPA Journal - January/february 2013
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NFPA Journal - January/February 2013