NFPA Journal - March/April 2013 - (Page 42)

FEATURE NAME ONLINE EXCLUSIVES SIDEBAR Read more about IKEA’s work on commodity classification and how it may affect fire testing of hazardous commodities REPORT Visit the Fire Protection Research Foundation’s website for a report documenting the results of the test program conducted last year at Underwriters Laboratories WEB PRESENTATION The article’s author, Steve Wolin, will be a guest on “NFPA Insider” on Thursday, March 21, and will discuss IKEA’s efforts to devise sprinkler protection for hazardous stored goods 42 NFPA JOURNAL MARCH/APRIL 2013

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NFPA Journal - March/April 2013
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Cover Story: Storage Occupancies
Fifty Years of Smoke Detection
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NFPA Journal - March/April 2013