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Black Lives Matter means ensuring
African American women/men receive the
same level of care as all others affected by
this disease. Black Lives Matter because
breast cancer does not discriminate by
race, but statistics show that black women
are dying at a 42% faster rate than any
other race. Black Lives Matter because
Black Lives Matter because we deserve to
be included in clinical trials. Five percent
of black women/men participate in
clinical trials. Inclusion means including
black women/men in the clinical trial
recruitment and participation. Inclusion
doesn't just mean offering black women a
seat at the table but including us because
of our knowledge, advocacy, compassion
and our diagnosis. I want to use my voice
as a black women who has been diagnosed
with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) as a
platform to raise awareness of the racial
disparities black women/men face during a
breast cancer diagnosis. I have been living
with MBC for 10 years and it's up to me
to speak for the voiceless. I've learned that
not all women/men with MBC want to
share their stories or be an advocate and I
understand that. So, for the women/men
who have been diagnosed with MBC I will
be your voice. I will make sure you are
heard. I will make sure our symptoms are
not dismissed because we are black. This is
why Black Lives Matter to me
- Sheila McGlown,
Tigerlily ANGEL Advocate

Black Health

While billions have been invested in the Black community,
there is not enough funding to end systemic racism, particularly as it pertains to Black women's health - women's cancers
specifically. What we are seeing is what happens often when a
racial issue reaches national or global proportions, the world
takes notice - aghast and holding hands in solidarity, yet, in
mere weeks, the anger subsides and people go back to their
day-to-day lives with little change.
We celebrate and take great pride in seeing the monetary
donations and pledging that has come out of this year's
racial turmoil, seeing Corporate America identify that
this is a major problem and wanting to be more "solution
focused". Here are a few examples of companies that have
made commitments to racial equity and justice:
*	 Apple has pledged $100 million for a new Racial Equity and Justice Initiative
*	 Walmart announced that it will contribute $100
million over five years to create a Center for Racial
*	 Target is committing $10 million to the National Urban
League and the African American Leadership Forum
*	 Home Depot is donating $1 million to the Lawyers'
Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
*	 Google has committed $12 million to various groups
that fight racial injustice
*	 Amazon has committed to donating $10 million to
social justice organizations
*	 Facebook committed $10 million to groups working
on racial justice
This is a great start but it is not enough to close the gap.
We need all businesses and all levels of government to
take steps towards ending systematic racism and oppression, which will take more than a one-time donation and
once a year sensitivity training. Here are some questions
we can ask:
*	 How many of these actions are just a check in the box,
something that they have to do, so they don't look bad,
so they get more Black marketability (translating into
sales) by showing "goodwill"?
*	 How do these actions distribute wealth, provide for
social opportunity for Black people in a way that will
end specific barriers to economic equity?
*	 How do these actions provide access and opportunity?
*	 How do these actions allow for representation - long
*	 How do these actions engage Black people in the decision-making process and development of solutions?



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