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6 March 2010 Investing in Your Volunteers: The Right Thing to Do–and More By Jon Radulovic While interdisciplinary team members and hospice directors alike probably agree that volunteers are still at the heart of hospice, there is increasing anecdotal evidence that suggests they are not being utilized enough— especially at the patient’s bedside where their commitment and compassion can have particularly valuable impact. NHPCO president/CEO, Don Schumacher, raised this very issue during his opening plenary at the 6th National Conference on Volunteerism and Family Caregiving last December. “I’m fortunate to be able to visit with numerous hospice providers throughout the country, but it pains me to see some hospices cutting back on support for their volunteers and focusing, instead, on meeting what some view as a burdensome regulatory requirement,” he said. “It’s also very telling that our regulatory team is frequently asked whether time spent knitting and sewing can count towards federally mandated patient care hours. While this work is valuable, these inquiries suggest that many programs are not involving volunteers in other aspects of care.” continued on next page Also Featured This Month: 2010 Capitol Hill Day…. With the upcoming Congressional elections and the uncertainty surrounding the legislative landscape, 2010 Capitol Hill Day can’t come at a better time. View our video clip from last year’s event and learn how your attendance this year, on April 20 and 21, can make a difference—see page 11. People and Places I t is commonly known that hospice began as a volunteerdriven, grassroots movement in response to the need to help people fi nd compassion and dignity when coping with a lifelimiting illness. Many of the early volunteers are still involved today as volunteers, staff members and organization leaders, and they are all fueled by the same passion that got them started years ago. Free Resource to Share with Patients and Families Staff Satisfaction: Are You Measuring Up? Honoring Your Volunteers National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

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NewsLine - March 2010
Honoring Your Volunteers
Staff Satisfaction: Are You Measuring Up?
Free Resource to Share with Patients and Families
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NewsLine - March 2010