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16 May 2010 Pet Peace of Mind—With Free Start-up Funding for Nonprofits Eight Ways to Improve Access and Care for Veterans The Moran Data Project 20 Palliative Sedation in Hospice Care: NHPCO Ethics Committee Offers Guidance By Timothy W. Kirk, PhD A front page article in a leading national newspaper implies that palliative sedation is equivalent to “slow euthanasia” and draws connections between the practice and the death of Michael Jackson…. A veteran hospice nurse on an inpatient unit refuses to participate in palliative sedation, believing that if she participates, she would be “killing” her patient…. A patient suffers uncontrollably in the last hours of life, while her family and the dedicated hospice team look on helplessly, unaware that palliative sedation can be a safe and effective intervention for patients who do not respond to other treatments. continued on next page Also Featured This Month: Your Regulatory Questions Answered…. As scrutiny of the hospice industry increases, so do the regulatory requirements. To assist members with compliance, this article recaps some of the recent issues and clarifications from CMS—see page 8. FHSSA Quarterly Report—see page 29 People and Places 24 National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization 3

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Palliative Sedation in Hospice Care
The Moran Data Project
Your Regulatory Questions Answered
Eight Ways to Improve Access and Care for Veterans
Pet Peace of Mind - With Free Start-Up Funding for Nonprofits
People and Places
Educational Offerings
FHSSA Quarterly Report

NewsLine - May 2010