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16 18 20 Make the Most of Congressional Recess By John Thoma ow does a CEO or executive director maintain and grow a profitable, highquality hospice program? The stakes are high in healthcare today as we watch our profit margins shrink while compliance audits and government oversight grow. So what are the leadership challenges that keep you up at night? H In April, NHPCO released the 2010 version of the “Standards of Practice for Hospice Programs.” This new edition reflects the most current federal regulations and features more practice examples to help you implement the Standards throughout your organization. In this article, John Thoma, the CEO of Hospice of Wake County and a member of the NHPCO Quality and Standards Committee, highlights important aspects of the new Standards, but also shares the many ways it has helped his organization excel, despite a very challenging healthcare environment. How do I improve employee, volunteer, and board satisfaction to retain the best skills and talent? How do I monitor regulatory compliance and avoid paybacks or fi nes? How do I maintain the image and reputation of my hospice program in the community? How does my hospice compete in the market and differentiate itself? How do I continue to grow revenue—the lifeblood of the organization? Hospice leaders have a simple yet powerful tool at their disposal: NHPCO’s “Standards of Practice for Hospice Programs.” These Standards are a valuable asset to the entire hospice industry—particularly in the current environment. The fact that very few healthcare associations have taken the lead in publishing comprehensive standards of practice continued on next page Also Featured This Month: A Conversation with Julia Quinlan… June 11 marked the 25-year anniversary of Karen Ann Quinlan’s death. Her mother, Julia Quinlan, recently spoke with NHPCO president/CEO, Don Schumacher, about her family’s ordeal, a chance ‘encounter’ with Dame Cicely Saunders, and the many gifts in her life—see page 10. NHF Quarterly Report—see page 25. HAN: Taking Advocacy to a New Level Using NHPCO’s New Standards Pediatric Palliative Care News and Innovations July 2010 Online Videos About Hospice Care Available 21 National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

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NewsLine - July 2010
Using NHPCO’s New Standards
A Message from Don
A Conversation with Julia Quinlan
HAN: Taking Advocacy to the Next Level
Online Videos About Hospice Care Available
Make the Most of Congressional Recess
Circle of Life Award Call for Nominations
Pediatric Palliative Care News
NHPCO’s Upcoming Educational Offerings
National Hospice Foundation Quarterly Report

NewsLine - July 2010