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Social Workers Look to the Future EX-RPT-47210.Con gressFinalRPT:La yout 1 6/22/10 11:36 AM Page 2 “Reaffirming, revisiting and reimagining the profession for the next decade” was the focus of thengress National 10Co Association of Social Workers’ 2010 Congress, held last spring in Washington, D.C. ress materials are online, During the two-day event, 400 invited social work leaders were asked to create a list of proposed imperatives to carry the profession into the future. BSW and MSW students were also invited to participate, either ‘virtually’ via video streaming or through onsite attendance. By the conclusion of the Congress, the group agreed upon the 10 imperatives shown below. Sherri Weisenfluh, who leads the Social Work Section of NHPCO’s National Council of Hospice and Palliative Professionals, was among the select group of leaders who attended the Congress. “I was energized and excited to be part of this diverse and distinguished group,” she said. “As we prepare our programs to meet the needs of future patients, it’s important to take steps to recruit and retain social workers who are skilled in meeting the needs of these patients and their families.” More information about the initiative can be found on the NASW website. If you have specific questions, email Sherri at 1. Business of Social Work – Infuse models of sustainable business and management practice in social work education and practice. 6. Leadership Development – Integrate leadership training in social work curricula at all levels. 7. Recruitment – Empirically demonstrate to prospective recruits the value of the social work profession in both social and economic terms. 2. Common Objectives – Strengthen collaboration across social work organizations, their leaders, and their members for shared advocacy goals. 8. Retention – Ensure the sustainability of the profession through a strong mentoring program, career ladder, and succession program. 3. Education – Clarify and articulate the unique skills, scope of practice, and value added of social work to prospective social work students. 9. Retention – Increase the number of grants, scholarships, and debt forgiveness mechanisms for social work students and graduates. 4. Influence – Build a data-driven business case that demonstrates the distinctive expertise and the impact and value of social work to industry, policy makers, and the general public. 10. Technology –Integrate technologies that serve social work practice and education in an ethical, practical, and responsible manner. 5. Influence – Strengthen the ability of national social work organizations to identify and clearly articulate, with a unified voice, issues of importance to the profession. 18 NewsLine

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Circle of Life Award Winners
Program Spotlight: Hospice of the Comforter
NASW Congress: Social Workers Look to the Future
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NHPCO’s Upcoming Educational Offerings
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NewsLine - September 2010