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Short Takes Join the Ranks of Hospice Advocacy Local Leaders As this issue of NewsLine goes to press, millions of Americans are preparing to cast their votes in the 2010 Congressional election. Many of these elected officials will be new to office while others may simply be unfamiliar with the Medicare Hospice Benefit. For this reason alone, it is a very important time for Hospice Advocates nationwide to step up and become leaders amongst their peers—and help the NHPCO Hospice Action Network (HAN) in its efforts to affect positive change for hospice and palliative care on Capitol Hill. Following the elections, the challenge will be twofold. First, we must continue to work with those members of Congress who are already familiar with and have expressed an interest in fighting for hospice (i.e., our Hospice Champions on Capitol Hill). At the same time, we must also try to educate and cultivate new Hospice Champions within both chambers of Congress. The NHPCO HAN staff will be working diligently on both fronts. However, to effectively touch and educate all members of Congress, HAN needs the support of Hospice Advocacy Local Leaders—and this is how NHPCO members can help. What the Local Leaders Do Whether you are the president or CEO of your organization, a member of the interdisciplinary team, or a hospice volunteer, we need you to step up as a Hospice Advocacy Local Leader. A lot of what we are asking Local Leaders to do is probably what you already do as a Hospice Advocate. HAN Local Leaders generally: • Coordinate local Hospice Advocacy initiatives • Guide fellow Hospice Advocates in their work to support Hospice Advocacy 20 NewsLine • Communicate regularly with the local community about policy and legislation impacting hospice and its future • Ensure local Hospice Advocates have the most up-to-date information and talking points • Build relationships with your members of Congress and local media • Encourage other local constituents to start building relationships with federal representatives • Keep the NHPCO HAN staff updated on your Hospice Advocacy activities, and ask for help when needed. And you do not have to do it alone. In fact, HAN has developed a host of resources and tools to help you— including a detailed guide on how to be an effective Hospice Advocacy Local Leader. For more information about these resources and how to join the ranks of Local Leaders, email info@

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New Facts and Figures on Hospice Care
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Honoring Exemplary Hospice Volunteers
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Join the Ranks of Hospice Advocacy Local Leaders
Board of Directors Election Under Way
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Essential Guide to Hospice Management (display ad)
NHPCO's Upcoming Educational Offerings
NHPCO and the VA Launch We Honor Veterans
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NewsLine - November 2010