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Quarter 4, 2010 FOCUS Cooperation between FHSSA Partner Hospices Fulfills a Patient’s Wish: Going Home to Ethiopia It had been five years since Genet had last seen her children. “It’s a long time,” she said. “It’s a long, long time.” Her deepest desire was to reunite with them, and time was of the essence. Genet was in the care of middle Tennessee’s Alive Hospice. You wouldn’t have known that she was sick as she sat talking with staff at Alive Hospice Residence Nashville in June, 2010, but she knew time was growing short. She wanted to go home, and for Genet, home was half a world away. Home was Ethiopia. She came to US 10 years earlier and made her way to Tennessee. Though her two children were born in the United States, they have lived in Ethiopia for the past five years. Her sister lives in Canada, her brother in Rome. There were phone calls with her children, but there is no substitute for talking with someone face to ON COMPASSION a quarterly newsletter Can you imagine being very sick and far away from home? Genet’s hospice journey took her home to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to be with her children and family. face. Sometimes, long distance is just too long. Genet was a patient at Alive Hospice Residence Nashville for six months. In that time, she got to know the staff there very well, and they came to know her. They knew that returning home and seeing her children was Genet’s most desperate wish. Hospice is about family, and Genet needed hers. And so, for six months, Alive Hospice staff worked behind the scenes to get her home. That day in June, as she sat in room 158 talking with a social worker (just one of the people who worked tirelessly on her behalf), Genet’s bags were packed. The next morning, she would board a plane bound for Ethiopia. A Complicated Process It was a complicated process that involved a seemingly endless series of steps. Coordinating with her family to arrange safe passage home. Providing the medications she needed on the 16-hour transAtlantic flight. Coordinating with the airline due to Genet’s delicate circumstances. Ensuring that she would have access to hospice care when she returned to the Horn of continued next page... 1

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