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The Monthly Membership Publication of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization January 2011 Inside Key Accomplishments in 2010 As NHPCO concludes its first 12 months of operation under the new Strategic Plan, we share some key accomplishments—with links to many resources developed exclusively for members. Hospice in the Continuum of Care By J. Donald Schumacher, PsyD ust as the needs of the patients and families we serve are changing with time, so is our nation’s healthcare delivery system. At no time in recent memory has the environment experienced such fluctuations. Some changes are of concern to the field while other changes hold the promise of opportunity—if we take advantage of them. To prepare for and strategically respond to these changes, we must be open to learning, we must be willing to collaborate, and we must continually look for ways to innovate and grow. One significant change—and, ultimately a great opportunity for the field—that will directly impact the work being done by hospice professionals is the evolution of the Advocacy Update NHPCO HAN talks about its new name, new face— and growing network of 60,000-plus Hospice Advocates. J continuum of care. Let me start by answering a frequently asked question: “What is the continuum of care?” It sounds like a good concept, certainly, but what does it mean? To begin, it’s helpful to accept the widely held premise that our nation’s current health and human services delivery system is incredibly fragmented. There are many care providers and agencies offering distinct services and medical care through a variety of vehicles to patients and families throughout the course of a chronic or serious illness. Furthermore, there are competing streams of revenue. And as we also know all too well, our healthcare system, which many believe to be the best healthcare system in the world, creates incentives continued on next page A Look Back at Some Colorful Guests The National Center for Care at the End of Life hosted an impressive list of colleagues, partners, and several international delegations during 2010. See some of the photos of recent guests. Updated Resources in Marketplace NHPCO publishes a range of technical materials to help inform your day-to-day practice. Here’s a handy glimpse of some new and updated materials. 2011 Board of Directors The new year brings new leadership to the NHPCO board. Learn about the priorities of new board chair, Mark Murray, as well as the members who are beginning and have concluded board service. Special Tribute to Elizabeth Edwards and Richard Holbrooke Plus: A Year’s Worth of Practical Tips from NewsLine NHF Quarterly Report

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Hospice in the Continuum of Care
Key Accomplishments in 2010
Advocacy Update
A Look Back at Some Colorful Guests
New Hospice Executive Scholarship Program (display ad)
Hospice Pharmacia’s MUGs® (display ad)
Updated Resources in Marketplace
NHPCO 2011 Board of Directors
Message from Board Chair, Mark Murray
Practical Tips from NewsLine
Essential Guide to Hospice Management (display ad)
In Tribute to Elizabeth Edwards and Richard Holbrooke
NHF Quarterly Report

NewsLine - January 2011