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The Monthly Membership Publication of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization April 2011 Inside A Message From Don President/CEO Don Schumacher discusses the research in this month’s cover story—what will be the centerpiece of NHPCO’s messaging during Hill Day and in the months ahead. Hospice Profit Margins in the Next Decade: Targeted ACP Education for the 3 Stages of Life Sharp HospiceCare discusses the three components of its new Advance Care Planning Program. T New Analysis for the Hill he nation’s new health reform law and the previously imposed regulatory changes call for adjustments in reimbursement for Medicare-certified hospice services. They include: • the continued phase-out of the Budget Neutrality Adjustment Factor (BNAF); • annual adjustments to the market basket (i.e., the annual ‘inflation update’); and • reduction in the market basket update (due to a decrease attributed to the productivity factor and an additional cut as mandated by the new health reform law). But what does this really mean for the 5,000 rural and urban hospices across the country? And how will it affect the already low profit margins that many are now struggling with? NHPCO, in partnership with a third-party research firm, conducted a formal, detailed analysis in October 2010 to forecast the impact. “It’s one thing to see the cuts, alongside others, as line items in the 200-plus page Federal budget, and quite another to see their long-term impact on actual providers,” said NHPCO President/CEO Don Schumacher. “NHPCO felt it was good use of our membership dollars to prepare a national-level analysis that will carry weight with members of Congress.” The NHPCO Office of Health Policy has already circulated a report outlining the findings from this analysis to Hospice Champions on the Hill as well as the media. Here, NewsLine shares the analysis for the benefit of all members. continued on next page Hospice in the Continuum Delaware Hospice’s Transitions Program is connecting seriously ill people with local resources and agencies to help them manage their illness—a service that’s filling an important gap throughout the state. President/CEO Susan Lloyd explains. The Voice of NCHPP Today’s volunteer managers may be responsible for 50-plus volunteers, yet many don’t receive the leadership training that other managers do. Volunteer Management Section Leader, Sandra Huster, discusses the gap and offers solutions. Short Takes • New National STAR Report • Engaging and Educating Our Youngest Volunteers • J.W. Frye’s ‘Let Me Go” National Campaign People and Places News about NHPCO members Educational Offerings NHPCO conferences, Webinars, webcasts and E-OL courses Plus: NHF’s Spring Quarterly Newsletter

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NewsLine - April 2011
Hospice Profit Margins in the Next Decade
A Message From Don
Protecting Hospice Rates Timeline
Sharp’s ACP Program
Experience the ACHC Difference (display ad)
Delaware Hospice’s Transitions Program
Recruiting Problems? HMR (display ad)
Hospice Executive Scholarship Program (display ad)
Voice of NCHPP: Volunteer/Volunteer Management Section
Volunteer Section Monthly Chats
Hospice Volunteer Program Resource Manual (display ad)
New National STAR Report – with Staff Compensation Data
Young Volunteers Learn About Hospice
One Bike, One Cause – One Uplifting Journey
Nurse’s Week Gift Ideas from Marketplace (display ad)
Members in the News
Upcoming Educational Offerings
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NHF Quarterly

NewsLine - April 2011