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The Honorees from Quality on Display hat are some of the outstanding Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) programs being undertaken by members around the country? To find out, the NHPCO Quality and Standards Committee sponsored the poster competition, “Quality on Display,” during the NHPCO Management and Leadership Conference (MLC) this past April. Providermembers from around the country were asked to present a “visual narrative” of their QAPI W program—designed to fit on 4-by8-foot freestanding displays. “One of the key reasons to sponsor the competition was to generate interest and conversations about QAPI projects among the MLC attendees,” says NHPCO director of research, Carol Spence, PhD. “The committee felt that showcasing what other programs have done well would prompt more members to think about what they could do.” The Quality Partners Task Group of the Quality and Standards Committee (see the sidebar on page 15) judged the submissions based on both design and content. The judges considered the poster’s overall design and how well the text and visuals were integrated as well as the hospice’s knowledge of QAPI program elements; its presentation of the QAPI program’s structure and outcomes; and the effectiveness of the poster presentation in stimulating interest in QAPI. Here, NewsLine is proud to showcase the three organizations that received special recognition for excellence as well as their QAPI programs.... 14 NewsLine

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Managing a Multigenerational Workforce
A Message From Don: Why a National Center?
We Earned Our Merit Badge in Value (display ad)
Do It Well, Make It Fun
Introducing NHPCO’s Custom Print (display ad)
Honorees from Quality on Display
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Personalize Your Outreach and Education (display ad)
The Pathways Counseling Center of Pathways Hospice
Voice of NCHPP: Integrating Touch Therapies into the CNA’s Practice
NCHPP CNA Section: Getting Involved
FEHC Data in New AHRQ Report
Michel’s Walkathon to Promote ‘Dying Well’
Become a WHV Partner
Get Hospice-specific Management Training Without Leaving Home
New Report on Importance of Consumer Engagement
Toolkit to Implement Concurrent Care for Children Requirement
Recruiting Problems? HMR (display ad)
Upcoming Educational Offerings
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