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Joyce Michel’s Walkathon to Promote ‘Dying Well’ “From my perspective, in our culture death is akin to the ‘elephant in the room,’” says Hospice Advocate Joyce Michel. And for many years, Michel was a self-proclaimed poster child for America’s denial of death. However, her attitude about death and dying changed during the illnesses and eventual deaths of her sister Connie, her father Justin, and her husband Tom Hutchinson. “Thanks to hospice and palliative care, I was able to stay in the moment and support each of them through the dying process,” she says. “The time spent with them at the end of their lives was of course sad, but at the same time it was extremely special and was filled with unforgettable memories.” Project 22 To honor all three members of her family and to commemorate turning 60 this year, Michel will walk 22 kilometers, 22 times, over 60 days, between June 20 and August 20. (That amounts to 299 miles!) Why 22? It was Tom’s birthday and favorite number while her father was born in 1922. The majority of the walks will take place in Philadelphia, PA—where she and Tom lived for many years and where Tom was a home-hospice patient, cared for by Penn Home Care and Hospice Services. However, Michel also plans to hold walks in Cincinnati, in memory of her father and sister Connie; in Myrtle Beach, to honor her sister Nanci Tansey and her colleagues at the Hospice Palliative Nurses Association SC Chapter; and in Washington, DC, to benefit the National Hospice Foundation’s We Honor Veterans program. To learn more or to support Michel’s event, visit the Project 22 webpage of the Hutch Project website. Michel will walk 22 kilometers, 22 times, over 60 days, between June 20 and August 20... continued on next page NewsLine 31

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