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New Report Outlines Progress Made, But Also Issues a Call to Action A new report from NHPCO’s Caring Connections looks back over the last 40 years and summarizes the progress made in raising public understanding about end-of-life care. As part of the 36-page report, members will find valuable information about the key initiatives that brought us where we are today and findings from the pivotal research that helped contribute to our success. However, in addition to serving as a very helpful historical overview, the report also outlines where more work is needed, with specific recommendations on what steps should be taken to assist stakeholders in gaining donor interest and funding support. “The fear that’s been generated by last year’s rumors of ‘death panels’ over the proposed advance care planning provision, has only exacerbated the need to step up and provide accurate information and guidance to the American public,” says NHPCO senior vice president, Kathy Brandt. “If this report gives providers the information they need to help educate their communities and put such fear tactics to rest, we will have accomplished something.” A PDF of the report, Private Conversations and Public Discourse, is available free of charge on the Caring Connections website. Members will find valuable information about the key initiatives that brought us where we are today. continued on next page NewsLine 35

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Managing a Multigenerational Workforce
A Message From Don: Why a National Center?
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Do It Well, Make It Fun
Introducing NHPCO’s Custom Print (display ad)
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The Pathways Counseling Center of Pathways Hospice
Voice of NCHPP: Integrating Touch Therapies into the CNA’s Practice
NCHPP CNA Section: Getting Involved
FEHC Data in New AHRQ Report
Michel’s Walkathon to Promote ‘Dying Well’
Become a WHV Partner
Get Hospice-specific Management Training Without Leaving Home
New Report on Importance of Consumer Engagement
Toolkit to Implement Concurrent Care for Children Requirement
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Upcoming Educational Offerings
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