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ON OUR COVER: Accountable Care Organizations Julie Lewis, one of the nation’s leading experts on ACOs, helps cut through the minutiae to explain what an ACO really is, how it works, and the role of hospice in this new model. PLUS: Addressing Pain and Suffering Gary Gardia discusses the many aspects of suffering and provides specific questions you can ask patients and families to help with an assessment. Short Takes… • NHPCO’s Executive Scholarship Program • Circle of Life Award Call for Nominations • Seasons of Caring Ads Win the Gold The Voice of NCHPP How do you engage a 24-year old developmentally disabled patient when the usual methods don’t work? Sally Cobb discusses a recent case. A Message From Don Don Schumacher shares some additional thoughts on ACOs. Hospice in the Continuum Samaritan Healthcare and Hospice in Marlton, NJ offers a range of non-hospice services, but that expansion didn’t happen overnight. President/CEO Mary Ann Boccolini explains. Member News and Notes New—Regulatory Tip of the Month NHPCO Educational Offerings NHF Quarterly Newsletter

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ACOs: What You Should Know and the Role You Can Play
A Message From Don: ACOs: Some Additional Thoughts
Addressing Pain AND Suffering
Experience the ACHC Difference (display ad)
We Earned Our Merit Badge in Innovation (display ad)
Wynton’s Story: Creating a Therapeutic Alliance
Hospice in the Continuum: Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice
Personalize Your Outreach and Education Resources (display ad)
Circle of Life Award: Call for Nominations
NHPCO’s Executive Scholarship Program
NHPCO’s “Seasons of Caring” Ads Win the Gold
Member News and Notes
Recruiting Problems? HMR (display ad)
Hospice and Community Care Insurance Services (display ad)
Upcoming Educational Offerings
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NHF Quarterly Newsletter

NewsLine - July 2011