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New Study Shows Better Quality of Life Among Dementia Patients Under Hospice Care new study, just published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, comes at a very good time for the hospice field, as the rising cost of hospice care among Medicare beneficiaries in nursing homes is under scrutiny by MedPAC, the Office of the Inspector General, and others. According to the study, the bereaved family members of nursing home patients who died of dementia were more likely to feel they had adequate care and support if their loved one received hospice services, providing evidence that hospice provides a meaningful benefit. “People whose loved ones received hospice care reported an improved quality of care, and had a perception that the quality of dying was improved as well,” says Joan Teno, MD, MS, a Brown University gerontologist, the lead author of the study, and a A Bartley Block found hospice care helpful when his wife Janet died in 2010. “It not only was able to calm her, but it was calming to me,” he said. Photo: Mike Cohea/Brown University 10 NewsLine

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NewsLine – September 2011
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NewsLine - September 2011