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Be Mindful of the Bright Spots I often hear from members about the many challenges besetting hospices during these demanding economic times. I do, however, also hear about the exceptional successes in the care being provided every day at the bedside. As the social workers among us will advise, being mindful of the positives is the very fuel that drives our success in life—and in work. This issue of NewsLine does a good job of recapping some of the recent “bright spots” that can help us keep a more balanced perspective. For starters, there is good news to share concerning the role of hospice in nursing homes. Right on the heels of the July OIG Report (which continues to question hospice growth in nursing homes, based on data from 2005 to 2009), comes positive findings from a new study just published in the August issue of JAGS. The study’s authors—who include Brown University Gerontologist and NHPCO Board Member Joan Teno, and NHPCO Director of Research Carol Spence—found that the bereaved family members of nursing home patients who died of dementia were more likely to feel they had adequate care and support if their loved one had received hospice services. This research adds to a growing body of evidence that supports the value of hospice among patients dying with dementia. For more about the study, see page 10. While on the topic of data, there is also other positive news. As the Final FY2012 Wage Index has just spelled out, and as we’ve anticipated for several years now, hospices will be required to submit data to CMS, beginning in FY2014, on specific quality measures to be identified by the Secretary of HHS by October 2012. What’s positive here is that NHPCO’s longstanding Comfortable Dying measure (one of our three “end result outcome measures”) has already been deemed an approved measure. Thus, those hospices which are now using this free tool will be well ahead of the curve. Those not yet familiar with it, don’t have far to look. Read this month’s cover story about The Denver Hospice’s use of this measure, or see the Research page of the NHPCO website. Last but not least, let’s not forget that “Hospice Care” won Modern Healthcare’s Big Impact Tournament. We defeated 63 other contestants in four major categories as having had the biggest impact on the healthcare delivery system over the past 35 years. While we are cognizant of hospice’s contributions to healthcare, this recognition reminds us that others are too. J. Donald Schumacher President/CEO NewsLine 3

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NewsLine – September 2011
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NewsLine - September 2011