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Short Takes Hospice Care Wins Modern Healthcare’s Big Impact Tournament Between April and July, 64 contestants in four major categories (People, Companies, Innovations, and Events) competed in Modern Healthcare’s Big Impact Tournament—and on July 22, the hospice community enjoyed the sweet reward of victory! The Tournament was comprised of five rounds. In the final round, Hospice Care defeated the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (in a nearly 3-to-1 margin) as having had the biggest impact on the healthcare delivery system over the past 35 years. “Much of what now is considered integral to quality healthcare has roots that can be traced to hospice,” said NHPCO President/CEO Don Schumacher. “So it’s heartening to see that the readers of Modern Healthcare recognize our field’s innovative contributions during a time when reducing hospital readmissions, medical home, and other hallmarks of quality are being discussed as essential elements of quality, costeffective care.” Complete results are posted on the Modern Healthcare website. Choosing a Quality Hospice: A Free Resource for Patients and Families When people are diagnosed with a serious or lifelimiting illness, the questions they and their loved ones face can be overwhelming. To help these patients and families, NHPCO’s Caring Connections program has developed a free worksheet containing a series of questions that can assist them in choosing the best hospice for their unique needs. This new resource, which can be downloaded by individuals from the Caring Connections website, may also be helpful to NHPCO members—as a tool for your referral sources or your community. ality Hospice Choosing a Qu ved Ones You or Your Lo for Ordering Copies—with Your Logo This past summer, NHPCO introduced a new service for members called “Custom-Print Marketplace.” This service allows you to purchase various materials sold in Marketplace imprinted with your organization’s logo and contact information. It’s a great convenience and cost-effective option when ordering NHPCO outreach materials, patient/family education materials, physician and community marketing tools, and more. “Choosing a Quality Hospice” is available through Custom-Print Marketplace, allowing you to distribute this professionally-printed worksheet co-branded with NHPCO and your hospice. To learn more about this service, see the display ad on page 14 or visit the Custom-Print Marketplace now—and bookmark the page for future reference. Download a Copy Now ions serving your to care hospice organizat ice you want one or several e which hosp there could be you can decid which hospices where you live in your area, r. To find out Depending on iple hospices h one you prefe there are mult ician know whic community. If visit www.carin let your phys 58-8898 or loved one and help you Line at 800-6 for you or your questions to NHPCO’s Help some unity, call has developed ice. serve your comm Organization selecting a hosp Palliative Care family when Hospice and you and your The National important to rs that may be identify facto gram g a Hospice Pro tors in Selectin Important Fac Questions Notes ified? ired to follow Medicare Cert therefore requ Is the Hospice icare and are hospice by Med to receive are certified rtant if wish Most hospices ns. This is impo and regulatio rage. Medicare rules /Medicaid cove your Medicare oversight care as part of e or federal eyed by a stat ice been surv Has the hosp s? so, noted and if last five year iencies were agency in the and if any defic last survey was Ask when the resolved. have they been ply with does it com member and s? tion a NHPCO pice Program Is the organiza dards for Hos O’s lies with NHPC NHPCO’s Stan ber, if it comp all aspects of nt NHPCO mem t, and if so, how ice is a curre Self Assessmen Ask if the hosp the Standards has completed Standards and completed it. recently they 1 34 NewsLine

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NewsLine – September 2011
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NewsLine - September 2011