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hours post-admission when the patient indicated that he or she was uncomfortable because of pain. We also asked the TDH medical director to review the patient’s clinical records to ensure appropriate interventions were in place early enough in the plan of care to have an impact on the patient’s perceived comfort. We also focused on competency to ensure our nursing staff had the skills to intervene effectively. Among other things, we required each nurse to take a four-hour inservice on “The Denver Hospice Way of Pain Management” and required each nurse to complete a 50-question competency exam. Our education department and pharmacy partner also conducted education sessions as part of the training blitz. Each nurse—both our clinical managers and our after-hours and care center RNs and LPNs—had to pass the competency exam (by 100 percent) within a specified time frame. If they did not, counseling and disciplinary action were taken. The competency exam is now given annually. The process itself also helped us to understand why some patients decline interventions or forego medications. For the clinical staff, it was really about respecting patients’ choices. By February 2010, we began to see that results from our new Protocol had become more stable, hovering continued on next page Helpful Training Tool The authors presented on this topic at the NHPCO 26th Management and Leadership Conference in April 2011—and the session is now available on CD or as an MP3 file for just $10. To review or purchase the tool, visit www. nhpco, and enter “11C” in the Keyword Search. Then scroll to the session listing, “Comfortable Dying: No Pain, All Gain.” NewsLine 7

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NewsLine – September 2011
No Pain, All Gain
A Message From Don
We Earned Our Merit Badge in Clinical Excellence (display ad)
New Study on Dementia Patients
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Circle of Life Award 2011 Honorees
The Transitions Program at Redmond-Sisters Hospice
Recruiting Problems? HMR (display ad)
The Voice of NCHPP
The Transdisciplinary Team Model
Hospice Care Wins Big Impact Award
New Tool for Choosing a Quality Hospice
2011 Hospice Quilt
Coming This Winter: National Buyer’s Guide
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Collaboration. The Corridor Group (display ad)
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NewsLine - September 2011