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Are POLST Registries Part of Our Future? “Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment” (POLST) is a model for documenting and communicating the preferences of seriously ill patients to the healthcare professionals treating them. The familiar, brightly colored form contains a portable set of medical orders, signed by a physician, for various treatment options a patient might want or not want. It accompanies seriously ill patients as they move from one care setting to another. As Dr. Mike Nisco shared in his helpful overview of POLST (NewsLine, May 2011), the document originated in Oregon in the 1990s, but has now gained significant traction in various permutations in other states. According to the Center for Ethics in Health Care, 12 states have endorsed POLST programs and several others are in the process of developing programs. So, in this new age of social media and emerging systems for electronic health records (EHRs), one obvious next step is the creation of an electronic repository or registry for the legally executed POLST documents of patients—a registry that could be retrievable at a time of need by emergency personnel or other health professionals. Quick Links : LST in Overview of PO May NewsLine T Exploring POLS Registries Status of POLST te Programs by Sta Is a registry a good thing? What are some of the considerations? What states have them and what are others doing? The Coalition for Compassionate Care of California, a forerunner in the development and use of POLST, explores the idea of a registry in the article, “POLST Registries Bring Orders for Medical Treatment Choices to the Internet Age.” Read the full article now—or save a copy to read later or share with colleagues. continued on next page NewsLine 29

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