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Short Takes continued Coming This Summer: First-Ever Virtual Conference for Volunteers and Volunteer Managers Last summer, NHPCO held its first “virtual learning event”—Hospice MDP Summer School. Staff from all corners of the country completed Levels I and II of the NHPCO Hospice Manager Development Program (MDP) right from their office or home in just three months, when it would normally take at least one year to complete. Based on positive feedback from the participants, NHPCO is now hosting its first-ever virtual conference, “Ignite the Future,” that will focus on volunteer leadership and take place between July 30 and August 3, 2012. What’s in Store: • Live-broadcast plenary sessions featuring national speakers • Educational sessions for both new and seasoned volunteer leaders and managers • IGNITE! Sessions—An entire day of five-minute learning sessions designed specifically for volunteers, affording them the opportunity to enhance their skills and participate in a national hospice event • Poster Presentations • One full day—August 2—dedicated entirely to volunteers • Real-time networking in easy-to-use chat rooms About the IGNITE! Sessions IGNITE! Sessions are a new and innovative learning format that is gaining popularity nationwide. They are a series of five-minute sessions where each speaker must cover his/her topic in just five minutes while 20 slides of his or her choosing auto-advance at 15-second intervals. The concept is summarized best by the motto: “Enlighten us, but make it quick.” IGNITE! Sessions are an ideal way to present a specific volunteer training idea; an interview strategy; a unique way you are integrating volunteers into the interdisciplinary team; a successful approach to working with patients and families; or myriad other targeted topics. Watch an IGNITE! Session that demonstrates what IGNITE! Sessions are. About the Poster Presentations The Poster presentations are a way to share a program innovation, or a successful strategy or approach which is best communicated visually. The poster must be submitted as a PDF, with the preferred aspect ratio of 4:3. (e.g., 24 by 18; 48 by 36). The posters will be displayed on the Conference website and discussed virtually with Conference faculty. To learn more, visit the Conference webpage of the NHPCO website. The Proposal Deadline for the Poster and IGNITE! Sessions is December 19. Submit Today. 30 NewsLine

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Virtual Conference for Volunteers and Volunteer Managers
Winning Entries from 2011 Creative Arts Contest
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A New Way to Support Hospice
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NewsLine - December 2011