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A New Way to Support Hospice NHPCO affiliate, the National Hospice Foundation, has partnered with several retailers to help raise funds for end-of-life care. When making purchases this holiday season and throughout the year, please consider these opportunities— using the links provided to ensure the proceeds go to NHF. TisBest Charity Gift Cards $2 per card goes to NHF. ProFlowers $10 per purchase goes to NHF. Cherry Moon Farms $10 per purchase goes to NHF. Shari’s Berries $10 per purchase goes to NHF. Red Envelope $10 per purchase goes to NHF. Personal Creations $10 per purchase goes to NHF. Cards for Causes 20% of every card can be designated for NHF (or FHSSA). How are the proceeds used? Learn more. 1731 King Street, Suite 100 Alexandria, VA 22314 703/837-1500 • NewsLine is a publication of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization ISSN 1081-5678 • Vol. 22, No. 12 Vice President, Communications: Jon Radulovic Editor: Sue Canuteson Advertising Inquiries: David Cherry, 703/647-8509 Membership Inquiries: 800/646-6460 Copyright © 2011, NHPCO and its licensors. All rights reserved. NHPCO does not endorse the products and services advertised in this publication. The PDF and digital editions of NewsLine are posted on the NHPCO website: newsline. Affiliates:

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of NewsLine - December 2011

Working With Modern Families
A Message From Don
Regaining Trust
Need Compliance Answers? (display ad)
Hospice in the Continuum
New Community Assessment Tool
The Voice of NCHPP
Helping the Person With Intellectual Disabilities Grieve
Bereavement Professional Monthly Chats
Recruiting Problems? HMR (display ad)
We Earned Our Merit Badge in Efficiency (display ad)
NHPCO Honors Hospice Service
Are POLST Registries Part of Our Future?
Virtual Conference for Volunteers and Volunteer Managers
Winning Entries from 2011 Creative Arts Contest
Delta Care Rx (display ad)
Member News and Notes
Regulatory Tip of the Month
Educational Offerings
A New Way to Support Hospice
FHSSA Newsletter

NewsLine - December 2011