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ON OUR COVER: Understanding Geriatric Frailty From a medical perspective, people don’t die of “old age” or from “giving up.” They can, however, die from geriatric frailty. Dr. Daniel Hoefer of Sharp HospiceCare offers guidance on this physiologic syndrome, including the science behind it and how early identification can help improve patient outcomes. PLUS: Caring for Ourselves Holistic nurse, Lucia Thornton, discusses the key principles of holistic nursing and how these principles can be used by hospice nurses—and all hospice staff—as a way to care for themselves. Be sure to also read the companion piece on how one nurse uses restorative yoga to help bedbound hospice patients find deep relaxation. QAPI for Volunteer Programs “Traditionally hospice volunteer programs have reported soft outcomes, such as volunteer and patient stories,” says NCHPP Volunteer/Volunteer Management Section leader, Sandra Huster. “But while these are vitally important, we must begin documenting quality outcomes.” As this month’s Voice of NCHPP feature, Sandra provides guidance, with specific examples of quality measures for volunteer programs. Advanced Certification for Hospice Social Workers In collaboration with NHPCO, NASW created two specialty certificates for hospice social workers. While among the fastest growing credentials of the 17 offered by NASW, barriers do exist. Sherri Weisenfluh and Brandon Wollerson from the NCHPP Social Worker Section explain. A Message From Don Member News and Notes Regulatory Tip of the Month Videos Worth Watching National Volunteer Week is April 15-21! Watch Our Slideshow Featuring Photos From NHPCO Members

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Understanding Geriatric Frailty
A Message From Don
Caring for Ourselves
Adapting Restorative Yoga for the Hospice Patient
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Advanced Certification for Hospice Social Workers
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The Voice of NCHPP
QAPI for Hospice Volunteer Programs
Volunteer Management Section: Two Free Benefits
Member News and Notes
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Regulatory Tip of the Month
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NewsLine - April 2012