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The Monthly Membership Publication of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization July 2012 Improving Physician Narratives By Kevin S. Henning, MD, FAAFP, FAAHPM I n my role as a national medical director for a large multistate hospice organization, my colleagues and I participated in a quality improvement project in which hundreds of narratives were reviewed for quality and compliance with CMS’s physician narrative statement requirement. This article discusses that quality improvement project, including a brief review of compliant and non-compliant statements, the steps we took to improve the ‘bad’ ones, and lessons learned from having gone through the process. continued on next page Inside A Study in Green Building In 2006, Hospice and Palliative Care of Northeastern Illinois set its sights on building a 42,000-square foot hospice home. But instead of the “usual,” it built the first freestanding hospice home in Illinois to receive “Silver” LEED certification. “We paid about 4 percent more in upfront construction costs,” says Facilities Director Marjorie Pullinger, “but the benefit of that commitment is robust.” What is LEED certification and what does it involve? Why should hospices care? Marjorie, a registered architect, explains. Short Takes: • • • • • • Ethical Issues: Tools to Support Your Practice Results From NHDD: It’s Working! Circle of Life Call for Nominations New Resources From WHV PC Support in Our Schools Hospice in the Media Hospice Savannah’s Palliative Care Services For Hospice Savannah, the expansion into non-hospice palliative care has evolved over an eight-year period. Today it includes consultation services at a local medical center, outpatient services at Andersen Cancer Institute, and a volunteer-supported transitions program. President/CEO Debra Anthony Larson discusses their expansion and future plans. The Changing Role of CT “Complementary therapies are becoming increasingly recognized as non-pharmacological adjunct treatments to help manage high stress and clinical symptoms,” says NCHPP Allied Therapist Section Leader Valerie Hartman. As this month’s Voice of NCHPP feature, she discusses the treatment plan of one patient to illustrate just how effective CT can be. Member News and Notes A Message From Don Compliance Tip of the Month

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Ethical Issues: Tools to Support Your Practice
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