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Videos Worth Watching “Crowdfunding” uses the power of the Internet and social media to give people the opportunity to unite behind a cause they believe in and support that cause through “likes and tweets” as well as donations of $1 or more. The goal, of course, is simple: Through many small donations and referrals, worthy causes can receive much-needed support. NHPCO affiliate, FHSSA, just launched a crowdfunding platform to raise support for its initiatives. See its “Conquering Pain” campaign for a great example of this concept in action. To learn more about crowdfunding, visit the FHSSA website—and see the article on the opposite page. 1731 King Street, Suite 100 Alexandria, VA 22314 703/837-1500 • Links to Some Resources on the NHPCO Website Quality and Regulatory Quality Reporting Requirements QAPI Resources Regulatory Center Home Page Past Regulatory Alerts Past Regulatory Roundups Hospice Compliance Calendar Staffing Guidelines Standards of Practice Quality Partners Self-Assessment System Outreach 2012-13 Outreach Materials Resources to Reach Underserved Populations NewsLine is a publication of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Vice President, Communications Editor Advertising Inquiries Membership Inquiries Jon Radulovic Sue Canuteson David Cherry, 703/647-8509 800/646-6460 Copyright © 2012, NHPCO and its licensors All rights reserved NHPCO does not endorse the products and services advertised in this publication All past issues of NewsLine are posted online: www nhpco org/newsline Professional Education 2013 Monthly Webinars End-of-Life Online Webcasts NCHPP Home Page Publications Past issues of weekly NewsBriefs Past issues of monthly NewsLine Past issues of ChiPPS Newsletter Affiliates:

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of NewsLine - January 2013

New Strategic Plan to Guide Us Forward
Highlights From 2012
New NHPCO Website
Meet MLC’s Stellar Plenary Speakers
The Voice of NCHPP
Social Work Leadership—a Resource to be Tapped
My.NHPCO: A Great Resource for SWs
Get the NHPCO Edge (display ad)
How Can I Help Hospice? (display ad)
Compliance Tip
A Special Thanks to Our Guest Authors
Videos Worth Watching
News From NHF

NewsLine - January 2013