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From the NCHPP Volunteer/Volunteer Management Section* Creating a VolunteerInclusive Culture By Stacy Groff, MNM, and Anne MyersRichards *The National Council of Hospice and Palliative Professionals (NCHPP) is comprised of 15 discipline-specific Sections that represents the staff and volunteers who work for NHPCO provider-members. To learn more about this NCHPP Section, visit the NHPCO website. 20 NewsLine

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of NewsLine - April 2013

New Research Validates That Hospice Saves Medicare Big Dollars
A Message From Don
NHPCO HAN’s Advocacy Strategy for the Hill
Simione Consulting (display ad)
Hospice Education Network (display ad)
Fraud and Abuse
Make an Impact: African PC Nursing Scholarship Fund (display ad)
Honoring Our Four-Legged Volunteers
Creating a Volunteer-Inclusive Culture
Do Your Colleagues Know They’re NHPCO Members Too?
New—Lighthouse of Hope Fund
R2R: Helping Hospice Staff Raise Needed Funds
A Great Resource for Your Referral Partners
Revised State Hospice Profiles (display ad)
NHPCO’s HPC Professional Scholarship Program (display ad)
Member News and Notes
Compliance Tip of the Month
Videos Worth Watching

NewsLine - April 2013