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AAHPM and AGS Contribute Lists to Choosing Wisely A Great Resource for Your Referral Partners As NewsLine shared in the December 2012 issue, Choosing Wisely is a national initiative to promote conversations between physicians and patients. One of the ways it accomplishes this is by providing evidencebased recommendations from specialty societies that can help patients choose care that is indeed supported by evidence; not duplicative of other tests or procedures already received; free from harm; and truly necessary. In February, the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine and the American Geriatric Society released their lists: • Read the AAHPM Recommendations • Read the AGS Recommendations As of late February, more than 35 specialty societies have joined the campaign and 17—including AAHPM and AGS—have unveiled new lists. Our Role—and Yours As another component of the campaign, Consumer Reports is developing and disseminating materials for patients through large consumer groups to help patients engage their physicians in these conversations and ask questions about what tests and procedures are right for them. NHPCO is one of the groups which is partnering with Consumer Reports and will help the organization inform the public, using patient-friendly language. As part of your organization’s advance care planning outreach, NHPCO hopes you will share this new resource with members of your community—and avail yourself of the materials too! At right are just a few outreach tools to support you in this work. Free Outreach Resources The AAHPM and AGS lists are excellent resources to share with physicians and other clinicians in your community. In addition, NHPCO has created an Outreach Tip Sheet and PowerPoint that can help. • Choosing Wisely Outreach Tip Sheet • Choosing Wisely Outreach PowerPoint • AAHPM Recommendations • AGS Recommendations To learn more, visit Choosing Wisely now. To watch a video announcing the campaign, visit its Resource page. NewsLine 27

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New Research Validates That Hospice Saves Medicare Big Dollars
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NHPCO HAN’s Advocacy Strategy for the Hill
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Make an Impact: African PC Nursing Scholarship Fund (display ad)
Honoring Our Four-Legged Volunteers
Creating a Volunteer-Inclusive Culture
Do Your Colleagues Know They’re NHPCO Members Too?
New—Lighthouse of Hope Fund
R2R: Helping Hospice Staff Raise Needed Funds
A Great Resource for Your Referral Partners
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