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ON OUR COVER: Counseling the Patient for Better Quality of Life While no two cases are really ever the same, there are common needs and concerns which hospice patients and families face. Teri Collet, the director of social services for Community Hospice in Modesto, CA, reviews some of the interventions that she has found to be particularly valuable. She also provides guidance on documenting interventions to reflect their clinical significance. PLUS: Funeral Service in America — What Consumers Think and Want According to a 2012 consumer survey conducted by the National Funeral Directors Association, about 75 percent of respondents felt that a funeral was either “extremely important” or “important” to the grieving and healing process. This article discusses today’s funeral service industry, citing several recent studies that shed light on consumer perceptions and expectations. Managing Dyspnea Short Takes: Dyspnea is one of the most debilitating and frightening symptoms that hospice patients experience. Likewise, there are few symptoms that evoke more distress on the part of caregivers. NCHPP’s Physician Section leader, Dan Maison, MD, FAAHPM, reviews its common causes, specific treatments, and the role of the entire team in alleviating symptoms. •  ew Tip Sheets on N Understanding and Managing Pain •  upporting Fathers S and Other Males A Message From Don Member News and Notes Compliance Tip Videos Worth Watching Links to Resources on the NHPCO Website

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NewsLine - July 2013