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ON OUR COVER: Raising Funds for Your Hospice: 2 Ways to Attract More People to the Table When it comes to a service like hospice, with the potential to resonate with the vast majority of Americans, it is important to complement our targeted philanthropic efforts with those that can help us attract a much wider range of donors. This article shares two ways to do this — through Giving Circles and Bequests. PLUS: Raising Funds and Friends Through 2 NHF Programs One of the strategic goals of NHPCO affiliate, the National Hospice Foundation, is to help hospice providers raise funds and additional supporters for their own programs. This article discusses two opportunities to consider. On Being a Hospice Volunteer and Now a Patient Carolyn Crank was FHN Hospice’s very first volunteer, and worked in this valuable role until a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer last February. In May, she delivered a special address to FHN Hospice’s new volunteers, based on her experience as a volunteer and as a patient. We share the address here as a tribute to her — and to every volunteer who has dedicated their time and heart to hospice. A Case for the Preacher-Nurse Some hospices have now shifted to a shared-care model, requiring hospice chaplains to complete tasks outside their usual domain, such as conducting simple physical assessments and providing instruction about the dying process. In this article, Alice Tremaine, a chaplain with Hospice of the Bluegrass in Lexington, KY, discusses the many ways in which this expanded role benefits the patient and family. New Outreach Ads are Here! Webcast of Don Berwick’s Plenary OIG Report on GIP Use A Message From Don Member News Compliance Tip Videos Worth Watching News From FHSSA

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Raising Funds for Your Hospice
A Message From Don
Raising Funds & Friends Through 2 NHF Programs
On Being a Hospice Volunteer and Now a Patient
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A Case for the Preacher-Nurse
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The New Outreach Ads are Here
Webcast of Don Berwick's April Plenary
OIG Reports on Use of General Inpatient Care
Member News and Notes
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NewsLine - August 2013