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focus color therapy Trina Turk converts her apparel prints into bold, bright designs for F. Schumacher & Co.’s Indoor/Outdoor collection By AnnMarie Marano Peacock It’s hard to get a smile out of people these days. But those who view F. Schumacher’s Trina Turk Indoor/Outdoor collection, just released this past January, can’t help do anything but that. “It’s hard not to be upbeat about it,” says Susan North, vice president of Schumacher design. The collection—a first foray into interiors for the fashion designer known for her prolific pattern work—is a breath of fresh air for Schumacher, a company whose strengths lie in more traditional looks. “I’m always conscious of adding to our modern category and approaching it in new ways,” says North. “Simple patterns with bright color combinations is something we haven’t had.” Channeling the Southern California poolside lifestyle associated with Turk’s brand, the line comprises 42 SKUs, mostly of patterns used in her apparel designs. “Some prints worked as they were, some we changed the coloration, and others we changed the scale,” Turk says of the designs they chose. The collection is all outdoor pigments printed on 100 percent acrylic fabric grounds, in a twill weave and a canvas cloth. The fabrics are durable enough for the outdoors, but soft enough for the indoors. “I think big outdoor spaces could definitely handle the color,” Turk says. “For example, in Palm Springs with its expansive spaces and natural veg- etation, the pop of color looks really great up against the setting.” The Turk line coordinates with Plein Air, a Schumacher collection of outdoor wovens that was being developed when the collaboration first began. Turk had opened a Trina Turk Residential shop in Palm Springs after the pillows that were being sold in her apparel shops began to fly off the shelves. Besides selling pillows at the residential shop, they also would upholster vintage furniture with a 100 percent cotton canvas, which she realized was insufficient. “I wanted to partner with a company that would help us create something more durable and stain resistant,” Turk says. Mission accomplished. Reader Service No. 200 Give us your feedback on this story at Pisces Bamboo Forest 30 contract march 2009

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Contract - March 2009
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Contract - March 2009