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design brand new Studio o+a revamps the headquarters for online banking company PayPal and gives it an identity all its own The countdown is on….it’s the final minute of an online auction on eBay. Within seconds those never-worn, limited edition, Jimmy Choo heels—or vintage Vuitton bag, or Yankees vs. Red Sox tickets, or any other number of coveted items up for auction—can be yours. Chances are after overcoming the rush of winning the auction, your next move is to log onto PayPal to seal the deal. Founded in 1998 and acquired by eBay in 2002, PayPal, the virtual bank that facilitates online transactions, came into its own in 2007 when it sought to create an independent identity, apart from its parent company, that would accurately convey to the world the face of online banking. By Danine Alati Photography by David Wakely 90 contract may 2009

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Contract - May 2009
Exhibition: Best of NeoCon® 2009
Keep It Simple, Sustainable
Generation NextGeneration Next
All Lit Up
Outside the Box
LEED v3: A Highly Evolved Solution
The Office Evolution
Brand New
Jump Start
Tailored Fit
The Energizer Effect
Diamond in the Rough
Chat Room
Designers Rate: Panel Fabrics
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Contract - May 2009