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material a little off the top The Acriglas® Minerals series from Acrilex replaces just 20 percent of raw acrylic material with a naturally occurring mineral to make all the difference By AnnMarie Marano Acrilex—a custom manufacturer of high-end acrylics—proves that including recycled material or renewable resources in a product doesn’t just reduce your footprint. It can boost its design dynamic from mediocre to spectacular. The Acrilex Acriglas® Minerals series comprises approximately 20 percent Muscovite Mica flakes, a naturally occurring mineral, that allows the company to offer the customer both aesthetic and functional options all in one product. “Mica is a beautiful material,” says Dan Rustin, Acrilex director of new product development. “We can customize it with the acrylic by changing the background color or cast lighting it. We can enhance the mineral in such a way that it doesn’t appear in nature.” Marblization can be blended in as well as other effects and textures. The line also can be used as a building material, rather than just a surfacing material. “It can be fabricated more like plastic—rather than stone,” Rustin explains. Acriglas Minerals is applicable for both interior and exterior applications (as it boasts UV stability); it also can be thermoformed and made into complex shapes very easily. “As opposed to stone, it’s very lightweight and requires fewer packaging materials, as well as less energy to make.” The sheets can be cut with woodworking equipment. According to Rustin, the material originated in the lighting industry, as a lighting manufacturer came to Acrilex and asked them if they could create a line that was similar to the Mica and shellac product that was currently on the market and very difficult to work with. The Mica flakes are by-products of the production of larger sheets or plates of it. The use of them in the Acriglas line means less virgin material needs to be used to manufacture it. According to Rustin, while it is not a post-consumer recyclable, it is post-industrial recyclable. Color variations are limited only by a client’s imagination. The sheets are made to order, but two standard sizes are available in 4 ft. by 4 ft. and 4 ft. by 6 ft. Thicknesses range from 1/8 in. to 1/2 in. Reader Service No. 202 Give us your feedback on this story at 24 contract november/december 2009

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Contract - November 2009
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Contract - November 2009