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interiors awards hotel By Danine Alati Photography By Mikiko Kikuyama project: client: Andaz West Hollywood West Hollywood, Calif. Janson Goldstein Hyatt location: designer: It’s always a challenge to rebrand a property, especially one like the Hyatt West Hollywood that’s rich in its history and rock-n-roll lore. But this Sunset Strip property—which originated as the Gene Autry Hotel in 1963 and gained notoriety as Continental Hyatt House, or Riot House, when frequented in the ’70s by rock legends Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones—was reopened in January 2009 as an Andaz Hotel, a new brand of Hyatt, after a top-to-bottom redesign by Janson Goldstein. Hal Goldstein, a partner at the New York-based design firm, explains that his team was charged with creating a new brand that was site specific. “We sought to create a place that’s unique to the location, incorporating the sexiness of West Hollywood and sophistication of the Hollywood Hills,” he explains. “The design is informed by the hotel’s history, but not expressed in a literal way. It’s like a ghost of its past.” Immediately upon entry, the “ghost of the past” is evident in a full-wall, backlit image, which illustrates a storm with sunspots and “represents the energy of the ’60s and ’70s,” according to Goldstein, who adds, “We worked with artist Amanda Weill to create this image that taps into the essence of what the hotel was back then and brings it into the present.” Furniture, materials, and textures are a mix of vintage and newer pieces that seamlessly integrate so there’s no distinction between what’s old and new. “The lobby reflects a ruggedness and sexiness of the Sunset Strip,” Goldstein says, referencing the burnt oakwood and distressed motorcycle-jacket leather. contract january/february 2010

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Contract - January/February 2010
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Contract - January/February 2010