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interiors awards showroom By Alex Palmer Photography by Pierangelo Pertile project: client: As one of the biggest manufacturers of lamps and light management systems in the world, Osram aimed to have its showroom—situated on the first floor of its factory unit in Treviso, Italy—be used for internal meetings, as a place to present its offerings to visitors as well as somewhere for visitors to relax and feel comfortable. The company partnered with Cerquiglini & Rossi Architecture to create this space and showcase Osram’s values. “Our goal was to play with light, to give emotion and inspire the clients and designers who visit the Osram showroom,” says Andrea Cerquiglini of Cerquiglini & Rossi. The architect aimed for the design solution to meld with Osram’s products, integrating the light into the architecture. All shapes, surfaces, and materials were selected for the way they interacted with light. Since Osram’s focus is on light sources and their control systems, rather than light fixtures, Cerquiglini began integrating these sources—particularly LED modules—into the showroom at the earliest stages of planning, rather than adding lighting toward the end. “Light had to be the main material to construct this project,” Cerquiglini explains. “All the light fixtures are custommade solutions, and they are the interior architecture project. This project is ‘the shape of light.’ The 150-sq.-m. showroom is divided into two zones. The first is the showroom and meeting space of about 100 sq. m., which offers presentations of Osram’s products and services. Second, there is the 50-sq.-m. bistro area with chairs and tables, as well as a bench bar where visitors can relax, have coffee, or meet more informally. Osram Light Studio Showroom Osram SpA Treviso, Italy Cerquiglini & Rossi Architecture location: designer: jury comment: “The forms and spaces allow the lighting to be the center of attention. The showroom illustrates the immense power that light has over mood and space perception. Information display is cleverly integrated within the motif. The space is transformed as the product is demonstrated.” contract january/february 2010

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Contract - January/February 2010
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Contract - January/February 2010