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interiors awards The simple concept of a completely open, big-box interior with few physical divisions and uninterrupted sight lines places the children’s area at one end of the structure, the teen area at the other, and the adult collections and spaces in between. Each is executed with colors, furnishings, floor and ceiling treatments, graphic signage, and art works that define the different spaces and give each its own character. Lead interior designer Marjorie Fichthorn Whitton explains that the overarching concept for the interior was that it be designed as a kind of desert reading garden. “We saw our garden as a series of outdoor rooms to be occupied,” she says. “Materials and colors transitioned from outside to inside.” “The designers were able to bring in all these different kinds of slightly funky, colorful features that make the energy in the building so lovely,” says Shera Farnham, assistant city librarian. Special touches include a children’s story tower, protruding beyond the walls of the main building, which Farnham calls “a wonderful, magical area.” A dramatic sculpture by a local artist hangs over the circulation desk, there is access to a landscaped patio off the adult area, and the placement of the teen area on the far edge of the structure intentionally draws adolescents through the entire building. “We bring them in, then take them on a journey,” says Bruder. Everywhere natural light flows through an abundance of windows. “We didn’t need the light, but we needed the spirit of it,” he adds. “Spirited” is an apt description of Agave, and nowhere is this more evident than in the 56-ft. metal scrim that adorns the entry façade of the building. The scrim features the word “agave” in neon letters, and acts as a marquis to give the library architectural presence in its rather banal surroundings. “Agave represents the best of what happens with great architecture and interior design,” observes Farnham. “There are so many wonderful places to feast your eyes.” contract january/february 2010

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Contract - January/February 2010
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Contract - January/February 2010