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contents: print 14 18 26 34 36 38 editor’s note industry resources focus: what’s next Gary Lee Studios collaborates with HALCON focus: a new conversation 70 The SW_1 collection defines the Coalesse brand materials: cork and circumstances A series of products from Daniel Michalik showcases cork as the new ideal seating material 40 50 green: net zero Two global design firms issue a call to action and lead by example practice: the office that never closes A powerful Web site can reach out dynamically, effectively, and entertainingly so the world can reach back 52 splashy and sustainable Gehry Partners design a medical research facility linked to a dramatic events space that enlivens a barren site 58 the art of healthcare design Laguna Honda Hospital moves into its next century of service with an ambitious and standard-setting design by Stantec/Anshen+Allen 66 26 34 best foot forward Randy Brown Architects designs a dynamic new medical office for Omaha Foot & Ankle 70 harmonious and healthy Designed by PageSoutherlandPage, the Chickasaw Nation Medical Facility provides state-of-the-art care to Native Americans in tune with their culture and the environment 76 of sea and stone Chairama Spa, designed by Giancarlo Mazzanti and plan:b, draws inspiration from the intrinsic beauty and diversity of the Colombian landscape 82 86 88 90 92 94 96 live long and prosper Evidence-based designs dominate entries of the annual Healthcare Environment Awards trends: from illness care to wellness care process: on the front line Healthcare experts discuss the benefits of wellness centers in senior living communities Involving nurses in healthcare design can help designers build better projects designers rate: healthcare products sources ad index perspectives: Scott Wilson, MINIMAL 90 cover: The Chickasaw Nation Medical Facility, designed by PageSoutherlandPage. Photography by Art Gray. Page 70. CONTRACT, volume 51 issue 8 (USPS 307-970, ISSN 1530-6224, October 2010) is published in January/February, March, April, May, June, July/August, September, October, and November/December; issued by Nielsen Business Media Inc., 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003-9595. Editorial and advertising offices: Nielsen Business Media, Inc., 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003-9595; 646-654-4500; fax: 646-654-7370. Customer Service: For address changes (provide old mailing label and new address including zip or postal code and allow four to six weeks), single copy sales ($10 payable in advance), and subscription inquiries ($89/year U.S., $94/ year Canada, $175/year all other foreign), call 800-697-8859, fax 847-291-4816 or write to, or Contract Magazine, P.O. Box 3601, Northbrook, IL. 60065-3601. Periodicals postage paid at New York, NY, and additional mailing offices. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Please send address changes to Contract, P.O. Box 1056, Skokie, IL 60076-8056. Canada Post Publications Mail Agreement No. 40031729. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses: To DHL Global Mail, 4960-2 Walker Road,Windsor, ON N9A 6J3. issue 8 volume 51

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Contract - October 2010
Editor's Note
Focus: What's Next
Focus: A New Conversation
Materials: Cork and Circumstances
Green: Net Zero
Practice: The Office That Never Closes
Splashy and Sustainable
The Art of Healthcare Design
Best Foot Forward
Harmonious and Healthy
Of Sea and Stone
Live Long and Prosper
Trends: From Illness Care to Wellness Care
Process: On the Front Line
Designers Rate
Ad Index

Contract - October 2010