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perspectives Scott’s viewpoint... What do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement? Launching, growing, and making MINIMAL an incredibly successful, fun, and creatively rewarding place to work in the middle of the recession. Scott Wilson MINIMAL, Founder + Principal Chicago and Portland What advice would you give to design students or those just starting out in the field? It’s all about passion and clarity. Pay attention to everything. Nothing is given to you. It’s a lot of work. More than you can imagine. Design is a 24/7 way of life. But if you are passionate and work hard, you will learn about a lot of industries, meet tons of interesting people, visit inspiring places, and have a great time. What inspired your career choices? My career has been very organic and has seemingly just unfolded via a series of timely segues and experiences that prepared me very well for what we do at MINIMAL. I tend to follow my instincts and curiosities, and it has always worked out well. What would you like to leave as your legacy? Smart, creative, caring, and selfless children that have a bigger impact on the world than I was able to. What is the most fulfilling part of your job? When a user reacts to our products for the first time, and when it impacts their life in a meaningful way. What do you think are the biggest challenges facing product designers? Control and leadership. What is the best thing you’ve learned in the past 10 years? Trust your instincts. What do you consider to be the worst invention of the past 100 years? The bomb and the disposable water bottle. What type of product have you not designed yet, but would like to attempt in the future? I would love to do a destination or hotel—an experience that leaves a lasting impression on many people’s lives. If you could have selected another career, what might you have been? That is hard to imagine. I love what I do. I know I love playing baseball (not really a fan of watching though) and snowboarding. Maybe an architect or a musician. I am fascinated by musical talent because I have none. Just pure emotion. 96 contract october 2010 (photo by Kenny Kim)

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Contract - October 2010
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Focus: What's Next
Focus: A New Conversation
Materials: Cork and Circumstances
Green: Net Zero
Practice: The Office That Never Closes
Splashy and Sustainable
The Art of Healthcare Design
Best Foot Forward
Harmonious and Healthy
Of Sea and Stone
Live Long and Prosper
Trends: From Illness Care to Wellness Care
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Contract - October 2010