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editor’s note essay: from the past the last word As some of you know, I really enjoy having the last word. So here it is. Last winter, as Contract’s editorial and art staff, and John Rouse and I spent hours poring over decades worth of archives, looking for the highlights of our histo in preparation for our March 2010 50th Anniversa issue, I began to experience the vague, uneasy Jennifer Thiele Busch feeling that I have been at Contract Editor in Chief a ve long time, and maybe it was time to launch the “second half” of my career. As with many compelling thoughts that we allow to seep in, the idea that I needed a change grew into a real desire, and then into an action plan, so that as I write this I now find myself one day away from leaving my editorial post at Contract, where I have proudly and quite joyfully served the commercial interior design indust for 21 years. Leaving the indust that I love, however, was not an option. So, truly, I am blessed to be given a new opportunity to serve the design community in a different way, as vice president of A&D market development for InterfaceFLOR. When I assume that role on April 4, I will be responsible for finding and developing new ways for the company—a highly regarded leader in sustainability—to partner with and bring value to the design community as we pursue our common goal of creating beautifully designed interior spaces that are also highly functional and socially and environmentally responsible. My years at Contract have been marked by great happiness and (I like to think) a good deal of success in large part due to the support that I have enjoyed from you, our readers and customers. “Thank You” barely scratches the surface of what I am feeling, but it is most sincere. I would not be where I am today, or able to take advantage of this great new opportunity, if it were not for the many wonderful indust relationships I have cherished and depended on over the years. Massive appreciation and love also go to all my Contract friends, past and present, for your enduring support and passionate commitment to our brand. Like any business we have seen colleagues come and go over the years, but our collective team spirit and our bond have made us a growing family instead of a diminished one. True friendships have been formed on Team Contract, so please indulge me while I write this open letter to the staff. Amy, Holly, Jean, Stacy, Jonathan, Ellen, Vito, Lar , and my dear Marie, please know how much I recognize and appreciate your contributions to Contract, and to my own career…(and YOU Diana, Katie, Steve, Sofia, and AnnMarie…the ones who got away!) Special thanks, however, must go out to two people in particular. From that moment in 2000, John, when our professional lives took an odd turn and we were more or less thrown together to run Contract, you have supported me, trusted me, championed me and, most importantly, pushed me to be the best that I can be. Eve one should be so lucky to have a boss like you at some point. I had you for 11 great years! Danine, you have been my right hand for more than 12 years, and without you the magazine (literally) would not show up on our readers’ desks each month. You have been the heart and spirit of the staff these many years, a dedicated co-worker, and a true friend. As Dorothy said, “Scarecrow, I think I’ll miss you most of all.” Sor to be so sappy, but I have said many things on this page over the years and now, I think, I have finally said enough. See you all on the “other” side. LOL! P.S. To all my Designers of the Year—Peter, Shashi, Ken, Mark, Jim, Kelly, Phil, John, John, Lars, Wolfram, Thomas, Gregor, Alejandra, Primo, and Verda…THANK YOU for making me look good! ;-) Please give us your feedback at 12 12 contract march 2011 contract april 2011

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Contract - April 2011
Table of Contents
Editor's Note
Resources: Nature Inspired
Focus: A Difficult Birth
Practice: From the Inside Out
Pure Spirit
Sensory Experience
Market Watch
Sibling Revelry
Screening Sophistication
Winter Wonderland
Full of Grace
Designers Rate
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Contract - April 2011