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perspectives Alexandra’s viewpoint… What inspired your career choices? It was a choice—a deliberate choice I made when I was very young living in Montreal, because I thought I could make a difference. Alexandra Champalimaud President & Principal Designer Champalimaud Design, New York What are the biggest challenges facing designers today? Obtaining the true value of our services. What is the most fulfilling part of your job? The sheer act of creativity. If you could have selected another career, what might you have been? I love my career and would not trade it for any other. What do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement? I have a thriving design company with amazingly talented individuals. What advice would you give to A&D students or those just starting out in the field? You must have endurance, talent, and professionalism. Make sure you are committed to all of these. What would be your dream project? One that would be so remarkable in its significance and a life changing experience for both myself and the firm. What do you consider to be your motto or design philosophy? To create memorable spaces that are seemingly effortless places where people simply want to be. I strive to make every project unique. What is the best thing you’ve learned in the past 10 years? I learned from my clients how to makes hotels more successful by taking better advantage of their public spaces. What would you like to leave as your legacy? I would hope that others would see my interior design as sophisticated, grounded in classical design, pared-back, and modern with an edge. I like to design spaces that are well proportioned, beautifully detailed, layered, open, fluid, and easy on the eye. What do you consider to be the worst invention of the past century? Track suits on real people. I believe they were designed strictly for athletes. 64 contract april 2011

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Contract - April 2011
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Contract - April 2011