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process design case study: productive, people-friendly places Flexible workspaces that really enhance collaboration By Kathleen Kelley, IIDA, LEED AP, senior workplace design manager, eBay Flexibility is the watchword in contempora workplace design. But workers are not always on board for radical changes, especially if it means reducing the size of their workstations. Simply introducing a plethora of spaces for teaming and informal interaction will not encourage collaboration on its own, unless those spaces are tailored to the specific needs of the employees—and readily adaptable. In 2009, eBay initiated a new workplace design to better support the variety of ways that its teams work. Design firm Valerio Dewalt Train Associates collaborated with eBay’s internal Workplace Resources Team to develop a series of pilot projects intended to establish the new corporate workplace standard. Now implemented in San Jose and Austin, the resulting holistic workplace environment and new modular “kit of parts” furniture have facilitated communication, innovation, and increased productivity. In eBay’s pilot projects in San Jose and Austin, Steelcase’s post-and-beam system and lounge furniture define the Project Lounges, where teams can work for the duration of a project. Vitra’s Alcove high-back sofas create “Huddle” areas for impromptu semi-private conversations (above; photo ©David Wakely Photography). Setting Goals, Fact-Finding, and Testing Ideas The upfront goals were to take a holistic look at the eBay workplace environment, develop a plan that would respond to requirements from teams in each business unit and corporate function, support both teamwork and individual work, and include a range of collaborative areas. An additional goal was to devise a new workstation standard that increased modularity and allowed teams to easily reconfigure their workspaces without intervention from the facilities tech staff. The design process began with research and tours of other technology companies to identify best practices. Also, eBay engaged consultant firm iOmetrics to conduct an online survey of more than 5,000 employees in eBay’s San Jose and Austin campuses to determine what worked and what did not in their current workplaces. The survey results largely drove the design. Employees responded that they wanted informal places to meet. The existing conference rooms required reservations and did not allow for spontaneous collaboration. Employees and managers wanted more sophisticated technology, such as increased videoconferencing and LED screens, in lieu of the existing projectors. The team partnered with eBay’s IT department to add these features and continues to engage in ongoing collaboration to incorporate new technology as it becomes available. Once the survey was completed and the space plans began, the design team developed workplace furniture mock-ups with seven manufacturers to test program concepts. Knoll – KBM Workspace was selected as furniture manufacture partner, and the spaces incorporate furniture from a variety of other manufacturers, as well. A cross-section of business unit teams and leaders were consulted to further refine workplace needs. The design process was accompanied by a change management process with the help of DEGW in San Francisco. The change process included meetings with executive leaders, interviews with business unit team leaders, presentations of survey results, the creation of a workplace Web site, storage workshops, space use protocol workshops, and move-in support. A er move-in, early focus groups were held, and a formal post-move survey was implemented a er four months. Developing New Spaces for Interaction In total, eight new collaborative venues were created. “Think” rooms support concentrated individual work and private phone conversations. “Focus” rooms have two chairs for one-on-one interaction. “Keep and Meet” areas facilitate small team meetings with whiteboards and a common tabletop resting on team file storage. “Talk” booths are for quick mobile phone conversations away from the open workplace. “Connect” areas make use 124 contract may 2011

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Contract - May 2011
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Contract - May 2011