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Go ahead. Make a statement. Or punctuate your design with graphic accent. Whisper out loud. Or scream subtly. Create architectural signage that makes a point at the Takeform Design Center. product focus come together Allsteel is all about collaboration when it comes to its Gather Collection by IDa Design and HOK Collaborative workspace is the new paradigm for many of today’s offices, forcing contract manufacturers to rethink the functionality of office furnishings. To address this matter, Allsteel enlisted Grand Rapids–based industrial design studio IDa Design and designers from various offices of architecture firm HOK to create the Gather Collection. 800.528.1398 Comprising seating, tables, storage units, and accessories, the collection endeavors to offer dual functions or contours that accommodate a variety of work postures and habits. Sketch, for example, is a sleek, mobile space divider that doubles as a dry-erase marker board, and Linger is a lounge chair with a back shape that promotes perching or leaning. Other products in the line include Hedge dividers with built-in standing-height worksurfaces; Scooch pull-up stools shaped for multiple postures; Rise tiered upholstered seating; Mind-Share banquette-style seating; View multipurpose credenzas; Belong occasional tables; Take-5 lightweight chairs; All-Around versatile tables; and Transfer side tables with pull-up tablet worksurfaces. In June, Gather earned the Best of NeoCon® Silver award in the Education Solutions category; Silver in the Seating/Sofas & Lounge category; and Editor’s Choice in the Seating/Benches category specifically for Mind-Share and Rise. The Gather product line champions teamwork, but was the design process a too-many-cooks situation? “I was amazed at how a group of people with different strengths and backgrounds worked together. We had honesty, camaraderie, and trust,” says Annie Bergeron, design leader for HOK’s Toronto office. Other HOK team members included Louis Schump, senior associate, and Steve Hargis, global workplace leader, both of the San Francisco office, and Tom Polucci, director of interior design in the New York office. —Sheila Kim Reader Service No. 227 “Whaaaaaat?” Saliva Falls’ newly elected City Manager Arthur Gold couldn’t hear his Assistant, Jenna. “Is there any way you could shorten your title?” she shouted at Gold, covering the mouthpiece of her Smartphone. “Who wants to know?” asked Gold over the frothy roar of water tumbling from the just-christened J. Arthur Gold Memorial Dam. “It’s the sign company again,” said Jenna. “They can’t fit ‘Executive Manager of Quintessential Global Operations’ on your new office sign. If they could just drop the word ‘global’ it will fit within their standards.” “Fire them,” screamed Gold, “I’ve worked too hard to get where I am. Find me someone who knows how to make architectural signage that can accommodate a man and his dreams.” If your sign company has you seeing red like Arthur Gold, visit the Design Center at, get a free Saliva Falls T-shirt—and create a sign system to accommodate your wildest ambitions, whatever they may be. – Advertisement – Select No. 32 at

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Contract - July/August 2011
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Contract - July/August 2011