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product focus above + below Armstrong’s ceiling and flooring companies each introduce solutions for the healthcare sector Armstrong Ceilings and Armstrong Commercial Flooring are both introducing products addressing challenges within the healthcare design market, though one is hidden from the eye and the other is visually prominent. Next month, Armstrong Ceilings is unveiling the Prelude SingleSpanTM Suspension System, which targets congested corridors encountered in hospital settings. Such projects often have limited room to drop hanger wires that suspend the droppedceiling grid, forcing contractors to trapeze the components below other structural members. This not only creates more plenum interference but increases cost and materials used. Armstrong’s solution incorporates the company’s PeakForm Plus bulb, uniquely shaped to increase the load-bearing capacity of the beams without affecting the number of hanger wires that suspend them. The resulting system can support over 10 pounds per square foot, thus offering more installation options and better access to plenum space. Underfoot, Armstrong’s Rejuvenations collection offers the durability of vinylsheet flooring in a much more attractive package. Ideal for areas where infection control is a concern, the product boasts a UV-cured polyurethane coating that helps maintain sanitary conditions with its easy-to-clean and improved impermeable attributes. Introduced in September, it offers three categories: StoneRunTM mimics the look of travertine and concrete; AmbiguTM takes inspiration from fashion styles and textures; and TimberLine® recreates wood species such as oak, walnut, and bamboo. All three categories come in a subdued yet sophisticated color palette with staying power. “The bulk of what people select isn’t the more trend-driven ‘wow’ colors but what gives the best design solutions over the long term,” comments Armstrong Principal Designer Di Anna Borders. —Sheila Kim Reader Service No. 211 NEW MESH COLORS AVAILABLE Silver White Warm Gray Bronze Select No. 154 at

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Contract - October 2011
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Contract - October 2011