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industry news Perkins+Will Report Details 374 Substances With Known or Suspected Links to Asthma “Many indoor environments have pollutant levels two to five times higher—and occasionally more than 100 times higher—than outdoor levels due to occupant activities, building materials, and ambient conditions.” asthma. the American Lung Association estimates that 23 million Americans suffer from asthma, including 7.1 million children. Most alarmingly, the number of cases is growing rapidly both in the united states and abroad. According to the Global initiative for Asthma, “there may be an additional 100 million persons with asthma by 2025.” it is critical to focus on indoor air quality because, according to the Centers for disease Control and Prevention, “many indoor environments have pollutant levels two to five times higher—and occasionally more than 100 times higher—than outdoor levels due to occupant activities, building materials, and ambient conditions.” “we are glad to highlight the lurking public Perkins+will has released a report, Healthy health threat of asthmagens in the built Environments: A Compilation of Substances Linked environment,” says Peter syrett, leader of to Asthma, that identifies 374 different substances, sustainability efforts at Perkins+will’s new york both naturally occurring and manmade, that have office. “this report complements Perkins+will’s known or suspected links to asthma, a common Precautionary List and transparency website in respiratory disease. the report was prepared on educating the public on the potentially harmful behalf of the national institutes of Health, division impact of buildings on the environment and of environmental Protection, as part of a larger human health.” effort to promote health in the built environment. the following is the report’s summary of it is available at the Perkins+will transparency findings, authored by Perkins+will: After assembling website, which also data, we found a total of 374 different substances, includes the Precautionary List of substances both naturally occurring and manmade, that have commonly found in the built environment that have known or suspected links to asthma. A “known” been classified by regulatory entities as harmful to asthmagen is something that is known to cause the health of humans and/or the environment. asthma, whereas a “suspected” asthmagen is highly believed (or suspected) by the regulatory agencies A synthesis of research on asthma to cause asthma. while it is understood that the the scope of the newly released asthma report is compilation is just a piece of a much larger research more specific but goes into greater detail than the undertaking, we were able to draw some conclusions Precautionary List. it utilizes Perkins+will’s from our examination of it. the most important expertise to connect that research to specific finding is that the substances that are commonly products that contain chemicals that are known or linked with asthma are ubiquitous. From a suspected to cause asthma. the report also has an kindergartner to a nurse or a manufacturing plant additional list of occupations that come into the worker, everyone is exposed to these substances in most contact with those asthma-causing substances, their respective environments. which the Precautionary List does not. the findings seventy-five substances linked to asthma are were compiled from an analysis of eight lists of found in paints and adhesives—two products found published research from both academic and in most typical indoor environments. in addition to government sources. this baseline number, occupants can be exposed to Healthy Environments: A Compilation of other substances unique to their occupation. For Substances Linked to Asthma focuses on example, a dentist comes into contact with 89 (75 substances in our environment associated with base substances plus 14 unique to the profession) continued on page 14 12 september 2012

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Contract - September 2012
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Contract - September 2012